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Blog Reviews

Own a blog? Use these blog reviews to promote Home Wealth Secrets

Blog Review 1

Recently, a friend of mine started displaying a healthy amount of disposal income and spending cash, something I found odd considering that he doesn’t have a job. I asked, and he told me that he had started an Internet self-help course that taught him how to earn a living online.

Having spent a large amount of time sitting at home while looking for a job, I have had some (mostly poor) experiences with self-help products over the years, mainly dealing with ways to make a living online. I was wary of spending even more of my admittedly tight budget on yet another self-help product, but my friend was living proof that the product worked effectively.

So I bit the bullet and got my hands on a copy of Home Wealth Secrets.

I was initially unimpressed. I was never very certain how someone could make money just by fooling around on the Internet a few hours a day, so my gut reaction was always to distrust such products (the same would apply to many of you, I imagine).

Home Wealth Secrets comes in the ‘standard’ package for this type of product; a manual that comes in 4 modules and a bonus tutorial that comes in a series of 12 videos. I was very surprised to find the attention to detail and the depth the manual went into and the video tutorials gave detailed information I had never encountered before. This detail and information isn’t just padding, either. It is factual, useful and applicable to the real world.

Despite the wealth of information provided, the manual itself was very easy to understand and comprehend. It provided a step-by-step guide on Internet marketing through a ’10 Step Formula’ utilizing a often-overlooked technique to allow even the greenest Internet marketer to turn a comfortable profit. The manual also provided valuable advice on how to avoid scams online and how to spot and utilize reputable businesses, as well as how the other typical pitfalls most online marketers succumb to.

The video tutorials were also satisfyingly informative, going from the very basics of Internet marketing to delving into the finer points of the industry. Each video lasts for about an hour each and while that sounds like a lot of time and information thrown at you, it is totally worth it. Being a bonus attached onto the main product itself, the videos aren’t even necessary (although I highly recommend them).

Aaron Adams, the man behind Home Wealth Secrets, goes out of his way to ensure that your time as a ‘home businessman’ is as easy and painless as possible. There isn’t a technique that is not explained in simple terms, not obscure facts and jargon to confuse you, or complicated concepts for you to grasp. While there is a lot of material to go through, you’ll find yourself sailing through it smoothly and effortlessly.

Whether this is your first foray into online marketing, or your fifteenth, Home Wealth Secrets will have something for you. If you’re looking for a way to finally make money from home, Home Wealth Secrets is your ticket.

Blog Review 2

Everyone likes to make money. And when something offers you the chance to make money from home, without much effort, most people would sit up and pay attention. Unfortunately, most of these products don’t deliver on their promises, providing users with a bad experience. With a glut of such products on sale online, most people can get fooled into buying an ineffective product.

As unlikely as this may sound to many of you, Home Wealth Secrets is not one of those products. Although it sounds like a typical self-help book, with its kitschy title, it is actually a useful and effective manual on making money online.

Aaron Adams, the man who created Home Wealth Secrets, doesn’t just give you empty promises about being able to make thousands of dollars a week by clicking random links on the Internet. He instead provides a comprehensive guide to Internet Marketing (IM), giving readers a step-by-step guide on the entire industry. He lays out the different ways people can start their ‘home businesses’, as well as providing crucial advice on how to avoid scams, sinkholes and other traps users might fall into.

The product comes in an ebook format, and is basically a manual with four modules. The information found in the manual ranges from the basic foundations of online business to the more gritty and in-depth details for those who want to take their Internet Marketing to the next level. Home Wealth Secrets also comes with a bonus video series consisting of 12 one-hour long video tutorials on how to make even more money online.

While it sounds dubious (I can tell some of you are shaking your heads – who would need to leave their house if this ‘business on the Internet thing’ actually worked?) the information found in the manual is factual, detailed and are based off principles found in more terrestrial marketing and businesses. Adams goes into an impressive level of detail, providing users with the pros and cons of each technique. He gives the readers all the information and advice they require and then lets them make their own decision on how to proceed with their online marketing.

The manual also gives a step-by-step guide on Internet Marketing, very useful for the people who are new to the business. Adams calls it his ’10 Step Formula’ and he introduces the readers to a marketing technique that most other marketers in the industry tend to overlook. Each step is carefully laid out and explained, so that the readers know exactly what they’re getting into, what they’re doing and the goals they are trying to achieve. The bonus video series also builds upon this foundation, giving the users a great wealth of information without overwhelming them in technicalities and complicated processes.

In short, Home Wealth Secrets is a great product not only for people who want to start online marketing, but for those who already have experience in the industry. As a ‘work-from-home’ product, the information and detail found in Home Wealth Secrets does not disappoint and delivers on its promise with a satisfying sense of professionalism. If you’re looking to break into the Internet Marketing industry, Home Wealth Secrets is definitely the guide for you.

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